Saturday, July 30, 2005

I just remembered something

To the cab driver who I PAID to drive me home,
If you're gonna be such a smartarse, if you're gonna be a cunt, if you're gonna laugh at me and be a bitch[cunt] to me cause I'm a little drunk, DON"T BE FUCKED OFF WHEN YOU DISCOVER THAT I'M SOBER ENOUGH TO NOT TIP YOU. [I always tip, loser, don't you feel stupid now?]
Hell, you are the reason that cab drivers have the shit kicked out of them.
And, for anyone reading this, alcohol loosens my tongue, if you're gonna shit me do it when I'm TOTALLY SOBER and I might be too nice to say anything. I might even be nice enough to refrain from ripping your fucking throat out.
Without exception, I fucking hate taxi drivers.


BourbonBird said...

Some cabbies are just TOO MUCH. I'm glad you got home safely, though.

muffin said...

Taxi drivers are the scum of the earth. (sometimes)

Glad you got home alive. :)

nailpolishblues said...

Home and to work [alas] :(
woe me lol

Misha said...

I do the same thing when that happens. It happens quite a bit actually - half the time the cab driver is normal (and by 'normal' I mean is polite with the chit-chat, or completely quiet), and the rest of the time i'm stuck with some asshat who is rude or obnoxious.

It's ok, you schooled him on who's boss with the lack of tipping.

muffin said...

I am starting to think I am not down witht he taxi etiquitte. I never tip? Ever.

Misha said...

Muffin: I think Australians don't know much about tipping. Tipping is really big in the USA, I think mostly because they get paid a lot less and rely on tips to get a decent wage at the end of the week.

I am shithouse with tipping at restaurants, but I try. I try and do the same with cabs because I don't think they make a lot per hour.

I don't feel bad about not tipping if the driver is a dickhead though.

nailpolishblues said...

I only tip cause they get crap money and it seems stupid to quibble over change. Also, cause my dad drove taxis at one point - it really is a shit way to make money.