Friday, January 06, 2006

Au Revior

Just a little tribute to make sure you know that you will be missed for making work-time fun; for keeping us entertained; for confusing us with your stories; for frequently saying ‘don’t tell, *****’ and then telling ***** the moment she walks in the door; for bouncing around like a little pink bunny; for being a little pink bunny [okay, not so, but it would be funny]; for manic guarana moments; for entertaining ECGs; for being funny as fuck; for your dirty sense of humour; for celery sticks; for carrot sticks; you will be missed for cleavage and cleavage jokes; for casting expressive looks; for knowing all kinds of nerdy shit…fuck it kid, you’ll just be missed for being you and for being you around us.

Don’t think for moment that we’ll forget you - we won’t. And don’t think we won’t see you again – we will. In fact, some of us expect to see you working haematological madness downstairs sooner rather than later.

Have a good trip, Nanny, and remember not to come back with four legs.

1 comment:

BourbonBird said...

Well said, Shells.

Nance, I will miss the enthusiasm, hilarity, and your FACE after I say something purposefully vulgar for dramatic effect.

I will miss having someone to do the 'I Told You So' dance to.

Come back, or at least stay in touch.