Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Great day

I was sitting at the train station this afternoon. I was on one of the outdoor benches on platform one at Newtown. I was sorting out stuff in my handbag while I waited for the train.
At one point during the wait I was playing with my ipod trying to decide what to listen to. I hit ‘next’ and happened to look up – straight into a conversation between the two men walking past. They’re talking about me and they laugh at me as I look. I’m slightly unnerved. But what can I do? I go on playing with my ipod, finally deciding on what I want to hear.
I’m listening to the Arctic Monkeys and the sound is low because there isn’t much background noise. I’m watching for the train because there isn’t much else to look at. There’s a break in the music for a few seconds and I look around. I see the two men from earlier. I also hear them. They’re still talking about me. They’re talking about how fat I am. The music starts again and I return to my train watching very nonplussed.
The train arrives and I stand to get on. Stupidly, I get into the same carriage as the two men. Not wanting to remain in the carriage I move to open the doors and as I walk through one of the men is calling out ‘make way’ and mimicking me.
Because that’s what you do to lone women waiting at train stations. Because you are so mighty and so perfect. Because it is your calling to pass judgement and victimise.
I want to thank those men.
Obviously, I had not realised that I was fat.
Obviously, the people around me did not have eyes to see.
Obviously, I am contemptible and this needs to be told to everyone.

I also went to work and got fucked by a pair of cunts. It was traumatic. I cried. That was even more traumatic.


MBD said...

When I looked at the title of this post I thought you weren't being sarcastic. I mean, I was waiting for a punchline eg And then the two guys walked across the track and got hit by the 6pm from Parramatta.

That sucks dude. Don't worry, guys like that usually have small penises. (I am not joking). They have to overcompensate by picking on Women and anyone else who is different.

themarina said...

I don't know what to say except I know how you feel.


JtH said...

I'd love to get a scale and weigh their brains against their dicks. Then we could all point and laugh at their lack of either.

Don't take it in. I've met you and you're gorgeous.

Belongum said...

I'm going to be rude and say - I can't stand piss weak wankers!

You said two MEN... now I got the picture you painted me, and I saw two little boys - silly little pricks the pair of them.

Don't grace them with the title of MEN... I know fine men (a few of them at least) and they'd not be a part of bulldust such as that!

There ARE more rude words I'd like to use... but this is a 'public' blog mate, and my Son told me to be nice today... well - actually he just whizzed on me (damn that "taking off the nappy too early" thing) - but I got the same sort of warm and fuzzy feeling - Does that counts! ;)

sheriff of nothing said...

what is wrong with people - that is just horrible!

Mark said...

Yeah, fat is the new black. As a target for discrimination, I mean.

Frankly I'm amazed that people can be that mean. It's like high school or something. You have a right not to be abused and, more importantly, you deserve to feel good about yourself.

nailpolishblues said...

You guys are so sweet you made me cry! Just a little [puts in a claim now that it has NOTHING to do with PMS].

It was very high-school - which actually made it worse because I felt like I was all the way back in that particular hell.

I don't wanna be rude but the size of their dicks [aside from the ridiculous over-compensating] wasn't an issue. It's not like I'd fuck them :p [or they me...]

Belongum - here's what you need -
Hell, those blokes from the station probably need set too!

BourbonBird said...

Oh Shells, you should've gotten violent!

Fucking cunts. I'll kneecap 'em for you. Sorry to hear about work being a cunt -- I'll be in at midday tomorrow so we can shoot the shit. All over the muufukkin walls.

chuffed_enuff said...

Men can be such insensitive PRICKS. I hope your day got better ;)