Saturday, April 22, 2006

Things from today...

I went shopping today for a birthday present for a friend. Buying people presents always makes me nervous because I'm always certain that I've gotten them something crap. Also, I tend to get so freaked out that I have to buy something for me to calm myself down. This gets very expensive in October when my family all have their birthdays in the same week. Anyway, having bought the present, I spent some quality time in a book store and came out with a book for me and a couple of wind up toys for my nephew. Only, I think I may have to keep them because they are so very cute.
Also, I keep thinking my flat is on fire because I can smell smoke. Damn winter is delight to my paranoia.


Don Quixote said...

The antidote to your particular problem - one that I've arrived at over many years of trial and error - is to buy presents for people over the course of the year, as you see suitable things.

It is difficult to expect to have a flourish of inspiration when you're buying something for someone at the last minute.

The part about buying yourself presents to calm yourself down made me chuckle.

nailpolishblues said...

That suggests a level of organisation that I have yet to achieve. Plus, I kinda hate shopping.

The buying things for me makes me giggle too.

Rachy said...

I want to read but the print is so small and my glasses are broken: (

themarina said...

the winter bit always throws me for a loop. it's just starting to warm up on this side of the hemisphere.

Rebecca said...

Hi Nailpolish,
I was a bit startled at first when I read about wind up toys and books. Then I realised it was not THAT kind of store.
I really shouldn't blog before breakfast.