Friday, January 05, 2007

Hearing aid

There was an advertisement on TV just now. The man screeched: plus when mum turns into dad. And I thought, wow, Today Tonight’s taking on transgender. That will be interesting. The man went on: when women are more successful than their husbands!


Funny, the things one hears.


Mark said...

Today Tonight can't "take on transgender." It's an adjective, not a noun. Unless they're interested in the word itself of course, and definitions and etymology are suddenly their thing... anyway, you suck at English is my point.

In other news, yes, the times are changing and there are now some women now who are more successful than their husbands. This is probably going to destroy society, so please stock up on cans of Tom Piper's Hearty Irish Stew to live on during the coming years of chaos and anarchy.

Actually what's most funny about that promo is that at Today Tonight are just being hit by the second wave of feminism, some fifty years after the rest of society.

nailpolishblues said...

Oh dear. Please go through the rest with a nice red pen. I don't know when I've been so ashamed.

As it happens, I think I misheard the ad anyway. I wasn't paying much attention, it just struck me as slightly amusing.

Mark said...

I think you heard the ad right. I saw it too. That I even remembered it is a sure sign I need some more excitement in my life. Rollerblades it is!