Wednesday, August 29, 2007

251st post of irrelevance

Has anyone else seen the ad for The Human Mind And How To Make The Most Of It on the ABC? It features this little kid who says, in the most beautiful possible way, 'The best place in all the world is the liiiiiibry.' I want to own that child and make him say it over and over. It is, possibly, the cutest thing ever.

Oh hell, did I really just write that?

So, anyone want to father my babies? I am obviously gagging for them.

* I shall go and lock myself away until this passes. Sorry.


TimT said...

Children are truly evil, Nails. Spurn them as you would the plague! Avoid their cunning wiles and ploys to entrap you in the snares of parenthood, for that is truly a place from which there Can Be No Escape! Beneath those cute visages and the facade of innocence lurk hearts of pure evil, ready to corrupt and destroy all that you hold dear.

nailpolishblues said...

I'll put you down as a potential then, shall I?

TimT said...

I reject babies and all their perfidious ways!

TimT said...


Evil. Pure evil.

Miss said...

What's wrong with you? Find an adult friend with a speech impediment, copy the dialogue, and give them a helium balloon. I agree with Tim - children are evil.

Not letting me sign in! It's Rin.

nailpolishblues said...

Does this mean that Timspawn will have a monobrow? How tacky to have a baby that needs plucking.

It's okay, Tim, I can't rape you through the computer - you're quite safe.

Oh, Rinns, that is a most marvellous idea. I may have to try it sometime.

Caz said...

Madonna's daughter has a mono-brow and a nicely flourishing black mustache.

(I saw a pic in the gossip mag only this week.)

Maybe Lourdes is really Timmy's love child with Madonna?

(Wouldn't you reckon her Mum has enough money to send the poor lass off for waxing?)

nailpolishblues said...

Lourdes was furry even as a baby. I suspect Madonna was too - I remember her eighties eyebrows.
I would hope that Timmy would have better taste, Caz, but who knows?

Caz said...

Oh, Timmy would have been innocent and unwitting in the coupling, I'm sure.

(Might be true of all of his couplings, for all I know.)

alexis said...

I'm sticking up for the monobrow. Two million photos of Frida Khalo can't be wrong.

nailpolishblues said...

It's quite possible, Caz.

Alexis, can we have Frida as the exception that proves the rule...? Mind you, every time I see one of her pictures my fingers itch for tweezers and some man-grade wax. I know I shouldn't impose but...oh how I do love a good eyebrow!