Friday, August 17, 2007

red eye

I have got to stop leaving things until the last minute. Seriously.

I'm nearly thirty, surely I'm too old for this shit?

Also, who thinks that maybe it's time to embrace my inner brunette? How do we feel about brunettes in general? And by brunette I mean dark blonde/light brown as I lack the colouring to carry off really dark shades. No really, I'd look anaemic
for you if you wanted, you know I would.


Mark said...

Brunettes are hawt. Well, potentially anyway. Have a go. And ain't nothing wrong about going out in the sun for a tan either.

nailpolishblues said...

The superdark hair does not work on me at all (also, the regrowth looks very grey).
I thought tanning was bad these days?

Caz said...

Yes, tanning is still officially bad these days, even worse if it's one of those orange "tans" from a bottle.

Sounds like you're not going to go brunette at all, rather, a richer version of your current shade, which seems a super idea. No more than two shades darker than your natural colour, and you should be fine.

I'm a dark, dark, brunette, well, naturally black hair really, with red highlights in the sunlight (sounds almost attractive, doesn't it?).

So yes young woman!

Turn your locks into a deeper, richer shade of your glorious natural self.

nailpolishblues said...

My natural colour is a strange silvery light-brown/dark blonde - I'm looking to reclaim it in all its natural and beauteous dullness and to lose some of the nastier problems of over-bleached hair.
I can manage a decent tan thanks to the inheritance (though I am much fairer - as in lighter, not prettier) of my mother's olive skin - which is brown rather than green but anyway... These days, however, I choose not to. Except when I give into my desire to worship the sun by lying in it for a very long time - this happens mostly in winter s I'm pretty safe.

colonel eggroll said...

I'm a brunette, so I say go for it! Brunettes unite! :)

alexis said...

Just to derail the brunettery entirely, what about peroxide with a pink rinse?

nailpolishblues said...

I think pink hair would make me look sallow. I find this very sad because I was on a bus, once, with a girl who had very impressive strawberry coloured hair. Damn her and her milk white complexion!