Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mumble, mumble, something about the moon, mumble.

I had a post in my head but I forgot it when I opened the door.

I have been miserable all day. I managed to hurt my back last night and I couldn't even tell you how. I wonder if I am choosing physical pain over psychological pain. I only have quite useless painkillers.

I am presently much consumed with thinking about little Daniel who is an incredible empath. A minute and a sentence in the half light and he wants to know what's wrong. He even gave me a hug - what a sweetie. He always knows how other people are feeling. It's quite lovely to know people like that.


mhe said...

Reason # 87105 I need to move there: I am a clinical massage therapist and could help out with that ol' back of yours. Then again, I could most certainly use that talent here as well, so I guess it's not specific.

Mark said...

yeah, backs suck. hope yr feelin better

mhe said...

Um, what?

Caz said...

Oooh, I see.

You must delete your spammer Nails, they're loitering long after it being amusing.

Only Timmy can loiter with some semblance of conviviality and merriment.

Your spammer just isn't cutting it.

Hope your back is recovering.

nailpolishblues said...

I think the back is related to spending waaaay too much time on here doing this. I shall try to stop.

Alas, Caz, that fucking spammer has gone for every post for months - some forty something of them and I haven't the energy to go through and delete each and every one. That bastard has won.

mhe, no, no, it would be better used here.

Mark, who just couldn't keep away, eh? Go back to being on holliday!