Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things to make and do (mostly do).

I have big plans for my bookshelf. I plan to move all the books and dust them and then order them into the piles of read and bought-with-good-intentions-but-not-yet-read. There are some real gems among the unread. I recently discovered one that had sat beside my bed for two years. It is called ‘The Lady’s Realm’ and I have half written a post on its wonders and it is very wonderful. You know that if I ever finish that post it’ll be great – I’ve named it ‘Kerwallops’ which ought to give you a clue about how I feel about this book. Still, it is but one of many books sitting around waiting to be dusted and sorted and left in little piles all over my house once the meagre bookshelf space has run out. I could really use another bookshelf or two. Maybe tall ones this time – I am getting too old to be crawling about on the floor when I want to find a book. And maybe even one with a cupboardy bit at the bottom. Then I could, perhaps, sort my books into sensible categories like children’s books, politics, things that make me look intellectual (I shall display these quite prominently), and things that must be hidden behind something in a cupboard because they’re appalling trash and I ought not to love them as much as I do. Then again, think how many books I could buy for the price of a bookshelf!

Really, I must go and clean. I must. No, really, stop it, I must go now.

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