Friday, November 23, 2007

Another two things.

1) Me + my parents = serious liver abuse. Seriously, don't know when I last drank so much. Fuck you too, Hunter Valley.
2) I may never have mentioned this but my school (mostly) threw out either total breeders or queers. I swear that within two years half my senior year had come out. It would have been way funner if they'd been gay at school but people are so silly... Anyway, the point is that the breeders on facebook have had a temporary lull and the mad tropical lesbos have started their attack. Oh hell, not even anyone I liked at school. Where are all the people I liked? WHERE? I need some support already.


Dan said...

My school created either rich degenerate assholes or people that built meth labs. And me. Boy, did I not fit in!

Mark said...

In other news, you are challenged to Scrabble. Haha!

Pomgirl said...

I added the Enemybook application but don't have the courage to actually add any old school 'friends' or exboyfriends to it.

It's like shouting "I never got over what you did".