Saturday, November 17, 2007


Did everyone I went to school with immediately turn into a breeder? I know it was a regional area but still... Fuctbook has thrown up another of these school people who I barely remember and who I don't recall being friends with. I'm now starting to wonder if people were a bit afraid of me at school. But then, why would they seek me out now? And why do they remember me when I cannot recall them? I was never in trouble and I only got crazy-drunk a few times that I recall - none of which were at school. Aside from this shitfest the only people from school who I have any real contact with are the three with whom I've been in continuous contact with for the past twelve [gah!] years - only one of whom is on fuct.etc.
These people are weird. I always thought they were weird [might have been mutual, that]. I'm starting to wonder if fuctbook is the new breeder networking home. Clearly the internet in every home is a bad fucking idea! And, yes, I know I can say no, refuse, deny, etc but it feels a trifle rude. I suspect that I spent highschool being so churlish that I have run out and must be something else for the rest of my life. I'm pretty sure I'm running low on sarcastic too. Okay, maybe not.
I really must do something before I turn into crazy old cat woman. Maybe I can find myself a soldier when I next visit my parents...ugh, no.


james said...

I've rejected one friend request. I've reluctantly accepted a few others. I have no idea how I ended up as a friend of one person (though I suspect I may have been a bit pissed when I used it one night). And as for school mates having children? Well, I too grew up in a country town, and let me tell you at my school reunion two years ago (aged forty), we had three sets of grandparents!

Caz said...

Not sure if your concern is around what you were "really" like in high school (and wasn't that a way, way back?), or around people breeding.

The latter, oddly enough, is quite an old, tried and true practice.

My daughter (about 5 yrs younger than your good self) also found school friends on My Face, a number of whom have three children already. (My spawn only has the one spawn of her own, to date.)

I guess all it shows is that not all women are waiting until they're 48 before they suddenly decide that a token off-spring might be a hoot.

nailpolishblues said...

James, I'm sure there'll be few like that from my school. Hell, some of them started having kids before we even graduated.

Caz, score one general rant? There's quite a lot more to it than that - mostly my own slowly going craziness. I don't despise them for having kids but I do kinda hate them for making their lives all about children - yes, I knwo it's a consequence, I know it's their choice and this is how I react to it (not to their faces! even I'm not that rude!). One of the many areas in which I feel like I may have missed something in my genetic makeup.
I have a fairly good idea of what I was waaaaaaaaaaay back then. Part of it amuses me too but I do remain at a loss as to why non-friends choose to network with me after not having seen me in a dozen years. What is with that?
I hate the 48ers too - they really don't seem to realise that after 40 your chances are really, really slim and/or that being pumped full of hormones like that is just going to turn you into a raving nutbag for, probably, no reward. Not a massive fan of IVF as an industry - so much of it is totally unethical [false hope] insofar as I'm concerned anyway... The technology though is great!
I could probably say a whole lot more but I'm being constantly interrupted by a fucking child and have to go scream at him some more. Gah! Why the fuck does it take boys so long to grow up?

Caz said...

On the "48-ers" front: not a hope in hell that anyone will bother to pump them full of hormones Nails.

Thing is, by around 40, any women becoming pregnant via IVF is guaranteed to be using donor eggs. It's a pesky fact of biology that eggs don't remain viable into "old age".

Eg: Marcia Cross (? from Desperate Household fame, and other such dross), had twins earlier this year, with her age being about 45 years. She has, I think, admitted using IVF, but there is a blanket of silence over "the eggs".

Whenever a women over 40 has a baby via IVF you can be 100% sure that the eggs were collected from a donor.

At least Cross carried the babies herself, and I applaud her for taking the trouble, but the babies can't possibly be biologically hers.


Well, you know the root cause of the iss-th-ue: it's your response to these breeding women, as opposed to anything they have especially done.

Is it the feminist in you that gets your back up, or an aversion to kiddies?

nailpolishblues said...

It's that it becomes their whole lives. Their WHOLE lives.

I did rather wonder about the over 40s. I think some of them are pumped with hormones. Know it, really, seen their pathology results.

Caz said...

There must be a few that slip through then, with their very own "viable" eggs: not very many though, and success rate is compromised.

Now you have me wondering how it, via a social network, you can be entirely sure that the spawn are the WHOLE lives, their WHOLE lives!

And yeah, it does happen, but, I don't really hang out with women like that, never have, even when I had a kiddie of my very own, I was averse to mummy-gatherings: they made my skin crawl.

Dale Slamma said...

Your parents have soldiers?

nailpolishblues said...

Caz, you'd me amazed at what I can extrapolate from the meresy information :p
One of them, though, when I can next access the fuctbook I will steal bits of her profile and show you just how terrifying she is.

Dale, well, my dad was a soldier. But no, they don't have soldiers but they do live in an army town.

Caz said...


I shall very much look forward to being privy to the evidence Nails.

It's so much fun to snicker at others!

nailpolishblues said...

meresy? I meant merest.

And, Caz, assorted bits from the one profile [I know, this is so wrong of me]:
Activities: Running around after our family; Visiting .. taking the children to the park/beach/driving/friends.
Interests: All things children/parent related.

She also lists scrapbooking as an interest and cites Pink, Avril, and Gwen for music.

Also, I can't tell if she's got three, four, or five kids - too many damn pics of brats though. Also, seriously, what's with the people who put their kids' pics all over the net? Or, indeed, their own?

Nor do I ever recall having any.

Dan said...

Add me

Ahhhahahahahaha! See what I did there?

I don't either.

Caz said...

Err, no Dan.

But, hey, thanks for playing!

Caz said...

Well, definitely on the peculiar end of the spectrum Nails.

"Activities" is curious, for what she leaves out, rather than what she includes.

No cooking, shopping, housework, gardening? Bit of a charmed life, perhaps she has hired help, which allows her to spend most of her time in a car.

She doesn't have dinner parties, or hang out with friends for a soothing drink or two, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that she's never going to invite you over Nails. A good thing too, given that she apparently doesn't read, see films, take an interest in current affairs, play a sport or do any exercise. Perhaps that's why she doesn't have friends over: she has nothing to talk about by way of contribution to general chit chat.

"Interests" is the very definitely peculiar part.

When one becomes a parent, one is a parent. It's a doing thing, not a recreational interest. Once you've given birth, there's no longer a choice in the matter.

Likewise, one has children, and regardless of whether one retains an interest in them or not, you're stuck with them. Children aren't a passionate hobby, they're real live people for gawd's sake.

All in all, she is the type of mother that I would have avoided at the school gates. Ugh!

(Scrapbooking is very big with mum's who are active online. My daughter has done some, but the first flush of enthusiasm passed fairly quickly. Her page is still up, but she hasn't added anything for more than a year.)

nailpolishblues said...

Scrapbooking is an online thing? Holy fuck, I was thinking glue and glitter!

I am being awful about this poor woman but I've met too many of the have-children-must-martyr-one's-self-on-their -alter types and she just makes herself sound like one of them. Again, it's entirely a matter of choice but, really, what is wrong with these women? Or is it that there's something wrong with me? It really is a mentality that I don't get. Then again, I think that, mentally, I'm still in adolescence so...well, who am I to talk?

Also, fortunately she lives in another state so I never ever have to catch up with her in person. Yay for prohibitively large distances [thank you Australia for being so damn big]!

Caz said...

Yep, it's exactly like the glue and glitter approach, but online, so it's significantly less messy.

See here (but "sssshhhhhsss", don't tell anyone else!):

All in all, nothing wrong with you Nails.

There are some women who become - not martyrs - a bit stupid once they have children, that is, they seem to live under a heavy delusion that no one has ever done this stuff before, and that there really is something that could be considered "best practice" parenting, and god-damn it, they're going to improve on best practice even if it kills their children and ends in divorce!

It's stupid. It's not normal.

You are quite sane and well adjusted to be repelled by it.

nailpolishblues said...

In all honesty, I think getting glitter all over your hands has got to be more fun.

I always thought the winners in the parenting game were the ones who successfully reared their children to adulthood without landing the little fuckers in care/jail/therapy. Obsessive interest in your children generally won't do this - no-one is so interesting [except when you're first in love with them] that you should obsess over them.

Dan said...

It's funny how you totally answered a question that wasn't even remotely directed towards you on someone else's blog.

Caz said...

Gee, sorry Dan, didn't realize that commenters aren't supposed to talk to each other. Never read that rule.

I'm suitably reprimanded!

Have fun.


nailpolishblues said...

I'm sure Dan didn't mean to be rude - though I think you've come across that rule before, Caz, though not here ;)

And I totally ignored you, Dan. How rude! I can't add you, I don't know who you are!

Dan said...

Ha ha no need to add the Dan. I was just playing with you. For all you know, I could be an amalgam of personalities wrapped in the skin of a psychopath.

nailpolishblues said...

I always assumed that you were an amalgam of personalities wrapped in the skin of a psychopath - just one whose name I don't know. Does this mean that you aren't?

Dan said...

Wait... you don't know my name?

Anyways, I finally did a weak-assed update. Go and hate it.

nailpolishblues said...

Well, you're called Dan. Very helpful, no?

Dan said...

Wait, called what? The hate? Yeah, I'm kinda drained lately.

Dan said...

You made me self-conscious so I actually wrote something not lame. Well, probably still lame, but it's not a total cop-out.