Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bah humbug

I think my flat is where Christmas beetles go to die.


Dan said...

A) WTF are Christmas Beetles?

B) I feel you on the bah humbug. I'm only buying for two people this year, but I am cooking for displaced friends for "Friends Christmas". I invite you as of now. I'm a damn good cook, and there shall be gallons of booze.

Mitzi G Burger said...

Dan: 1) please refrain from using overly aggressive acronyms. These sweet insecs are copper-shelled bugs that appear in Sydney around Christmas time. They are chunky little things.
2) Are you not a dweller on far-flung shores? How is that you are able to invite Inner-West locals to your friends' christmas? (note apostrophe.) And what will the damn good cook have on the menu? I am a dam good diner so I take a healthy interest in such matters.
3) I myself will be hosting a "Jews' Christmas" this year. Goys welcome.

TimT said...

The best thing about Christmas beetles is how, at certain angles, their hard beetley skin catches the light and turns it into rainbows.

Here is a nice Jewish-themed Christmas/Channuka song for y'all.

And what the hell? Here's another. Check out the orthodox dude jamming on the guitar. Serious beardo action going on there!

TimT said...

Christmas Beetles. One of the best things about the Australian Christmas.

colonel eggroll said...

do they hum carols like the holiday hawk?

Winter said...

Dude, I love the holiday hawk.

nailpolishblues said...

Winter and Colonel, um, no. One did provide a great deal of comic amusement for anyone peering into my kitchen window last night. The little fucker kept flying at my face while I was cooking.

Tim, what kind of Christmases do you have that make beetles a good thing? Also, you and Mitzi are clearly way more into bugs than I am. I spend quite a lot of time going, 'eeek, leave me alone!' And not so much going, 'here, let me hold you up to the light just so...'
Still, I don't remember seeing so many Chistmas Beetles since I was a kid. I guess they're a bit exciting in the 'oooh soon it will be Christmas' way of little kids. Anticipation, you know?

Mitzi, he's (reluctantly) from the US. Though maybe one day Dan will be one of us, oh yea, we will assimilate
Personally, I will be holding my usual atheistic Christmas ie sitting around my flat, drinking, and doing my best to ignore all my relos. I do love Christmas so.

Dan, see Mitzi, and Tim, and Tim again. I shall be with you in spirits if not in body. Actually, I'll be many hours ahead of you - ha ha, I get to open my pressies first!

TimT said...

Look upon it as if you have successfully repelled an alien invasion; the golden shards of shell all around the house are all that is left of their insectoid armour.

JahTeh said...

I'll exchange your live beetles for my dead cockroaches. No matter how much I whack the letters and junk mail on the brick wall, there's always one in hiding.

word verification sounds like one hitting a brick wall....kyscqzq

nailpolishblues said...

I have plenty of cockroaches of my own, Jahteh - both alive and dead. I live in a shithole.