Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yeah, already.

I’m half-watching something absolutely charming on domestic violence and it has helped my settle one or two little priorities in life. Here’s the thing, if I was terribly poor [which I’m not], or even relatively poor [which I am], and I had some spare moneys [which I don’t], and was madly in love [which I’m not], and thought that maybe I’d like some kind of lovely big commitmenty thing with the person I’m all mad about but I was also, for instance, missing teeth [I’m not] then I would still spend the moneys on fixing my teeth rather than wasting moneys on a shitty white frock that I’ll eventually hate one way or another. Get that – moneys means good teeth not weddings. Moneys means fun in fun [but not so much sun] places. Moneys means a whole bunch of lovely, lovely things but not huge gruesome event where everyone stares at one in a frock that one is just coming to realise is god-awful and that everyone has lied about looking good.

Actually, I already knew this. Weddings are frightful things, aren’t they? Also, domestic violence = way bad.


Anonymous said...

Most times I think weddings are a frighteningly shitful exercise in futility!

Wouldn't you RATHER spend your money on your 'honeymmon'? I'm sure you hinted at that already - it's just that most people I know always allow other family members to kidnap their bloody wedding - blow out the budget by another ten thousand dollars - and invite even MORE people you don't know, or like!

Or - Fiance's decide that their really not up for that whole marriage thing - and they call it off three weeks before the date, just when you've got home! Ahem - not that I'm speaking from personal experience mind *embarrassed coff* lol!

But hey - now I get to give the poor XO the irrits all day! Yay!

The poor thing! lol ;-)

nailpolishblues said...

So who called it off three weeks before...? Nice work!

I would rather spend my money on alomst anything else, Belongum. It's the people who choose to spend all their cash on such shitful things that really puzzle me.

JahTeh said...

My mother made my dress and we spent most of the money on booze. It was a great turn, shame it was ruined by the wedding.