Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saffron, self-loathing, and sniffles.

I think I have a cold. I'm pretty sure that's what all the sniffling and nose-blowing and feeling six kinds of ugh and at least two kinds of ehr are all about. I could be wrong. There might be another reason for the sore red nose and the feeling like shit. I'm going on about this too much aren't I?

I spilled saffron all over the floor this morning. Saffron. Saffron all over the floor because that's what the wealthy do, they carpet the floor with saffron. It was a very dirty floor too.

I'm feeling utterly unloved and unwanted just now. I think it's only partly because of the cold and mourning the saffron. I think it's because I'm unloved and unwanted. Mostly. And madly self pitying and almost ridiculously melodramatic. I'm going mad for someone to hang out with. No-one's interested though and I am boring, so I guess that works. Right? Right.

Fuck my nose hurts.


TimT said...

Saffron! Nice work. This evening I managed to upload all the pasta onto a sieve that I was skilfully holding upside down, so that the pasta slipped off the sieve into the sink filled with coffee grounds. Stupidly, I couldn't work out why it wasn't actually going into the sieve (the light's not working in the kitchen). I just let it all fall into the sink.

I'm not fussy, so I just scooped the pasta up and had it anyway.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

No, no, no, noooooo. (This is to you, Nails; I am almost indifferent to Captain Timnus's pasta a la coffee grounds.) You are emphatically not boring, and I (for one, but I suspect I speak for many) am interested, and you go getting over your cold soon. The loneliness, that's harder to get over. Co-hang-outers don't turn up every day.

Enny said...

I've done the saffron + floor thing too - now I have a giant tupperware container with the tiny saffron box in it, filled with equal parts saffron and dirt/dried pasta/breadcrumbs/onion peel.

nailpolishblues said...

Tim...yeah. I'm going to assume that you didn't even rinse the coffee grounds off. In fact, I'm going to assume that the thought didn't occur to you.

Alexis, I am very interested in getting over my cold. I even, quite rebelliously, took a day off work in pursuit of this end.

Enny, I acted rich and swept it up and binned it. Nothing could induce me to eat anything that's touched that floor.

TimT said...

An astute deduction, oh Nails-with-a-Blog. As a matter of fact, I remembered the coffee grounds after I had poured the sauce over the pasta and taken it back to my seat to start eating. I shrugged my shoulders and muttered a little homily about 'waste not want not', and all that.