Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am a little teapot. I am, I am!!

The soundtrack for the weekend, mine, has been Rasputin as performed by Roxy Music - a track that, I believe, exists only in my own confused and slightly hostile brain (let us all sigh with relief).

It sets the tone really.

I've mostly spent the weekend buying things that I don't really need, making agonising gift choices, and freezing my arse off. It is a bad sign when I start to miss 'winter' in the tropics. Had I more energy I would go into a charming old skool rant about buying presents for other people. I find it difficult. It makes me doubt myself and my taste. I have received many, many, many crap gifts that were 'so you' over the years that gift buying is a hideous experience for me. Receiving presents is similarly painful.

Jesus fuck, this is a boring post. are you anyway? Yeah? Sorry to hear that. Mmmm...yeah...[Christ are you ever going to shut up?]..uh, definitely not...right, right...guess so...'k...bye... [Moral of the story: this is what happens when you ask a stupid question.]

I bought a tea pot and it came with four little cups. It's all in black - is that a little but whimsical voiced folk-rock-pop non-star or what..?

Is it time for Doctor Who yet...?


Mark said...

Elliot Smith had a black teapot?

PS: Doctor Who sucked baaaaaaalls. Dust monsters that nobody can see? wtf?. Plus, you don't kill off Tallulah Riley. You just don't.

nailpolishblues said...

I had to wiki both of those. Elliot's mother was called Bunny and I feel that that explains a lot.

I'm still not sure who Tallulah Riley is but I think you might be stretching the limits of half-your-age-plus-six there.

Mark said...

Half your age plus six? I've never heard of that before. Does it mean that, being 25, I could hook up with someone who's 18? If so, I think it's an OK rule.

nailpolishblues said...

Damn. Yes.