Sunday, October 05, 2008

It’s a good thing you’ve got a nice figure.

I am a difficult conversationalist. I chop and change and go off on tangents and make everyone forget what they were talking about. It is only the most determined who steer the conversation back and make their laboured points - by now lost in pertinence and general interest. I realise that sometimes, in conversation, the moment will pass you by and the thing that you wanted to say will be left unsaid. I know this happens to me and I know that my schizophrenic conversation cuts people off constantly. I know I have many faults and flaws and am often quite rude (sometimes intentionally) but I don’t ever recall asking a direct question – whilst totally sober mind you – and literally turning away halfway through the answer to leave the speaker awkwardly trailing off. I may be a bitch but I usually wait to the end of the answer before making my boredom clear.
Still, your boyfriend had manners and you obviously embarrassed him with your rudeness. Repeatedly.


Mark said...

"by now *diminished* in pertinence and general interest"


Ms Rachy said...

Yeah I haven't really looked back since I kinda fled my hometown either. I completely empathise.

nailpolishblues said...

Rachy, cliques are everywhere, on just tries to avoid. Still, small town - EW.

Mark, thou art mean.