Saturday, October 03, 2009

Trivia. TriVIA. Trivia. TriVIA. Tr-tr-triviA.

Trivia 1
During the dust storms I was bitching - as I do endlessly, I am such fun - about it not being worthwhile washing my hair as more dust storms were predicted. One of my colleagues, whose own locks are lusciously black, commented that I was lucky that my hair was already dust coloured and people would never notice that I hadn't washed it. I share this story to illustrate why I dye my hair. I really must dye my hair. Non dust colour.

Trivia 2
In about a year I'll have paid off all my loans and credit card and so forth except for HECS. The HECS will probably take forever. Meh. It will be nice not to have a loan though. And to be able to save money again.

Trivia 3
The money, or lack thereof, thing has really been annoying me. My rent goes up (AGAIN!) in December and electricity now costs $60 more for exactly the same usage as last quarter and my pay has not risen and presently seems unlikely to rise. I'm getting quite sick of pissing away money and not being able to do anything because I'm broke. I am seriously considering going back to the uncertain hell of sharing.* Non-arseholes only need apply.

Trivia 4
This weekend I will be applying for a job whose selection criteria states, and I quote, 'Tertiary qualifications in archives, library studies, history or other relevant disciplines are highly desirable.' (Ahem, italics mine...) This is the first time I have ever seen any part of my degree be a) sought after, b) considered useful, c) described as 'highly desirable'. The latter makes me tingle in weird nerdy ways that you don't even want to think about.

Trivia 5
This is the first time in forever that I will not work - at all - a long weekend. I have a long weekend. This is terribly exciting.

* Note my positive attitude toward this concept.


Mitzi G Burger said...

Ciao Nailismus, i too feel the grind occasionally of the money-wheel turning too fast. I am gunning for you on the History job and I am sure you have a chance at it. I too fear the thought of sharing a place, but I fear as well the idea of living alone, as it may condition me to not being able to live with people...some say this happens. I will need a place to live in, come March or sometime earlier. It's not idea in the respects of losing one's ultimate privacy on the home front, but it sounds like we feel the same way, and can gripe together! Which history did you study? I have a smattering up my academic sleeve.

nailpolishblues said...

Most of my sharing experiences have been fairly disastrous. As made obvious by the fact that I no longer have any contact with anyone I've shared with. I'm too cold, apparently, and too much of a bitch. And I so often just don't care enough about the emotional problems of other people - because, you know, a housemate is there to run your life for you, be your prop, and be mummy/daddy/loving partner/lifelong friend/counsellor and whatever else you need at that moment all rolled into one.... I actually found that living with other people conditioned me to not be able to live with other people - especially if they sulk.

I mostly tried to study political history which, owing to time and place and the fashion for cultural/social history, means that I've studied China an awful lot. My other major was government/international relations. Which tells you rather a lot about where my interests lie.

Dan the VespaMan said...

When I first came to Sydney, I shared a flat with a lady nice enough to rent me a room. Being new to the big city with a new job I was having to find my feet pretty quick, and was surprised by just how much it seemed to be expected of me to provide emotional support to my flatmate all the time. Friends and family, sure, but people your just splitting the bills with? Sorry, but no.

All the best for the job app.

nailpolishblues said...

Thanks, Dan.

Women do kinda suck to live with. The emotional support thing seems to be a given even when, as you say, you're just splitting bills. I suspect this is worse for men - women are often forced into the same situation in the workplace and, altogether too often, in random ladies' toilets.