Thursday, February 02, 2006

Being For The Benefit of Mr. Mark!

First things being first - the ubiquitous cat update [You know everyone’s doing it.]. This’ll make you laugh, no really, it will. The cat seems to no longer be dying. She’s not lingering. And she’s not dead. She’s made something of a recovery. In fact, you might say that it seems she was never really dying at all. Either the vet was wrong or the cat has superpowers because the sweet thing has not got cancer – or anything else, apparently. I may see my cat again. Yay.

First things also being second, I’d like to brag about my quiz stats, that’s the JtH quiz for those playing at home – first for the month. Oh finally it has happened to me.

Otherwise, otherwise nothing, I’m fucked. I’ve been working like a mofo and my hard work has been repaid in shitty wages, abuse, and cheap chocolate. It’s nice to be so loved.

To The LLL, my thoughts are with you; one day soon I’ll even work out how to use the fellytone.

And now, boys and girls, I’m off to watch Lost. I gotta get me some Naveen. [Oh Naveen, Naveen, what is it with the old ladies?]


themarina said...

I've given up on trying to watch Lost. I'm never home when it's on and when I am home, I'm usually busy doing something else. I'll just keep drooling every time I see the commercial until I break down and rent or buy the dvds.

JtH said...

You da nailpolish quiz DUDE! and so on. No seriously well done. Glad to hear about the cat too.

Now what in blazes is going on with the Irish guy down the hatch?

Foxhow said...

Thats enough bragging from you.

Poor old me is still struggling to get a daily win.

BourbonBird said...

The only solution is to get older, Shells. Then stalk and molest Naveen to your heart's content.

Your cat is a robot.

I have to come in at midday - whoop! :(

nailpolishblues said...

Ah Marina, I'm never at home when it's on either but my vcr is...last night, however, a dvd would have been much better - freakin low flying planes!

Aw thanks JtH, I meant to put a bit in there thanking all those who just stopped playing and let me steal the win [that nm***whatever character for instance]. The cat is a freak, clearly, but she can be as freaky as she wants so long as she lives a few more years.
Was it Jack who said 'You? You!' or did I make that up because I was weirded out? Last night was slightly Naveen lacking, damn.

Hey Foxy, I only 'won' two games - but I'm big on the bragging [lol]. Try it drunk. I swear I do my best trivia when drunk...

Rinns, it's an idea but I think the older he gets the older they get. Maybe if I just REALLY let myself go... Could go that granny thing from Little Britain.
I've got Saturday OFF!!! YAY!!! Three days in a ROW!!! OMIGOD!!! Hmmm, as you see, I'm looking forward to those days in a sedate old lady kind of way.

Huggies said...

I swear that Cat of yours is doing the cancer thing on purpose just to get at you.

Rachy said...

Superpowers. Your cat definitely has superpowers.

I've never actually watched Lost. I take it that guy is really hot or something?

Mark said...

Nah, suck. How am *I* supposed to know Mariah Carey lyrics? Thanks for updating though. Glad your cat's okay.

nailpolishblues said...

Mariah Carey! Where? Quick, somebody sandpaper my eyeballs and stick ginormous metal spikes in my ears! Seriously, wtf?

I'm thinking of hiring her out now, Rachy. If she lasts another couple of years I'll send her your way and we'll see if she can do miraculous feats on others.
Naveen is a god! Hot is so, um, subjective.

Minh-Minh Kit-Kit said...


itf gud yore cats is wel send mi luv xx

*bats lashes*