Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bodies suck

Yesterday I had the silliest little cough.
Early this morning, when I went to bed I had a little temperature.
Come three or four a.m. I was alternating between shivering, sweating, and crying for my mother.
Despite this, it still took me ten minutes this morning to realise that I really couldn’t go to work.
It also took me ages to get both enough warmth and enough energy to unearth something to dampen the fever.
I slept, off and on, for most of the day and continued to shiver and cry and be all alone.
The moral is that sometimes it sucks to live alone. Especially when you think you’re actually going to die of fever.


Enny said...

One time when my partner was away, I noticed a rash on my arm as I showered before bed.

I didn't sleep well as I was sure I was going to die of meningacoccal overnight.

Mark said...

I was having the same thing this week when I sprained my arm. Not the thinking I was going to die bit, but the inability to open jars of pasta sauce bit. You should call silver chain.

Lulu said...

I had a similar thing last week. The boy came home from work at midnight and found me on the floor half way between the bed and bathroom...I tried to go to the toilet but was too weak and only made it halfway (we think this is what happened...i was slightly crazy from the fever).The fever was 39.5 yet I was freezing..

Hope you are feeling better now!!

nailpolishblues said...

Silver chain?

Ah, Enny, I haven't even got the energy to check for rashes - plus it hurts to move my head. I now look like a chipmunk.

Lulu, it didn't last too long did it? I am lucky that my bathroom is very close to my bed.

I could really use a thermometer.

Adam said...


nailpolishblues said...

Which is pretty much the doctor's attitude...

Foxhow said...

Hope you are feeling better soon

You must be as you are kicking butt in the trivia

Boondoggler said...

I am in Delhi ... and suffering the usual problem .. I am thinking of moving the TV into the small tiled room; worse thing is being alone and away from home when you are sick.

nailpolishblues said...

Definitely move the tele, Accountant. Why suffer unnecessarily?

Foxy, yesterday was a fluke. I only truly realised I was ill when I noticed that I'd accidantally skipped a day of trivia. I'm trying not to let it stand in my way though.

Mark said...

Silver Chain are nurses that take care of sick people in their homes. But I think you have to be old and dying, so you don't really qualify.

treespotter said...

i felt not much better than you, my dog kept me company tho. there's a use for the mutt.

get well!