Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I've been down

I have been sick now for so long, well, not that long, it simply seems long because time has ceased to function routinely for me, that I have become horrendously bored. Of course, I’m not bored when I’m snatching a little sleep or coughing up any body part willing to be coughed up or just lying down feeling like shit (actually, that is kinda boring but I’m too miserable to be bored). I’m bored in that brief interlude in which the drugs work. You know when you’re body is propped up on artificial stimulants and you forget you’re sick for all of about five minutes? Those are the bits I’m bored in. Otherwise I’m just sick and a little depressed.
Ah, the drugs have stopped working and I have a while before I dose myself again and attempt to sleep.


TimT said...

I can offer no medication other than the alcohol I plan to swig tonight when I get home.

Alternatively, just for a bit of fun, you could be the 'Typhoid Mary' of your workplace, and impart your affliction to everyone else by, like, breathing on them. That could be amusing.

nailpolishblues said...

Oh no, much better to stay and home and force everyone else to work harder! It's all about who has the advantage and right now that person is me.

What is it that turns you to alcohol, young Tim?

TimT said...

Sheer perversity.

I always wondered, as a kid, what it would be like to be inebriated ... and now I get a chance to have a crack at drunkenness for myself, I leap at it.

Another reason is that I'm usually working evenings at the moment. I couldn't be bothered when I get home to start cooking when I can just crack open a cold one instead ...

I think I'll go with sheer perversity. As my uni paper Honi Soit said, " Hemingway, and Dorothy Parker were both talented alcoholics, and we should all aspire to be like them."

nailpolishblues said...

Ah, it's facetious o'clock is it?

That is, quite possibly, the best point ever made by Honi Soit. Wonder who they stole it from?

TimT said...

They had another good one they stole from Dorothy Parker:

"I like to have a drink if I'm able;
Two at the very most.
Three, and I'm under the table -
Four, and I'm under my host."

nailpolishblues said...

Oh dear, I'm both ill and a disgrace to my parents - alcohol does not appeal at all right now. I could cry.

themarina said...

Oh gosh. I hope you're feeling a bit better today and that this goes away soon.

I hate being sick. There's only so much sleeping and TV watching I can do...

Update said...

HEY! you dont know me, but you are friends with Rinna right???

Im sorry, but I cant get a hold of her or find her...please email me!


(I hope this isnt rude of me, but you have no link to send you a private message.)