Friday, November 24, 2006

Oh Cecilia

Hi god, it's me....oh wait, wrong box. I've just stopped in to say hi and, you know, do something to make my stats look better [ie, Pretend like I've written a proper post, reel you in, and leave you wondering where you took a wrong turning, or where I took a wrong turning, or something. Look, it's late, go away.] and stuff. Anyone else like doing stuff? It's becoming obvious that I've naught to say but am persisting with it, isn't it? Too many questions. I should stop that, shouldn't I?

Really, not much going on. Life plods. You'll be happy to know that I sulked all day Tuesday because my cunty boss made me work my birthday when they didn't really need me. I also did next to nothing. That'll learn her, oh yeah. It didn't really get any more exciting than that either.

Other than that, um, no, really nothing. I've got Cecilia stuck in my head and am afraid that I may or may not have been going around humming it. Possibly singing it. Possibly accidentally singing it on King Street on a Wednesday night and nearly frightening a rather short young man who actually proved to be a rather short young woman.

....Making love in the afternoon with Cecilia/Up in my bedroom....

That could get me in a lot of trouble.


mhe said...

Three cheera for a nothing post! This has been the bulk of my posting since I decided I was far too pissed off to write "good things", which is completely subjective anyways.

Mark said...

"a rather short young man who actually proved to be a rather short young woman"

Yep, that's King Street for sure.

Enny said...

"I get up to wash my face..."


Now I'm gonna hafta fish thru my study for the CD to get it outta my head!

nailpolishblues said...

When I come back to bed/Someone's taken my place

Yay Enny!

Oh come on, Mark, don't you miss it?

mhe - aren't all my posts nothing posts? Damn, I thought I had a theme going :(

mhe said...

As long as people enjoy reading them, who cares?