Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I am having awful writer’s block and I’m not even a writer. I’ve been drawing but that’s pretty shit too.


Meredith said...

Poor you. I find that having a swim helps.

Don Quixote said...

Yes, I encounter the same problem. It is quite upsetting not being a writer while at the same time being unable to think of anything to write.

nailpolishblues said...

Don, it's not that I don't have anything to say [quite the opposite] it's that when I go to express my thoughts I end up with something drier than week old bread [the sort that's been sitting on the bench] . Perhaps I should do as Meredith suggests and add water.

Mark said...

Show us the drawings!

I also find short stories are fun. Can't you put your thoughts into that form?

nailpolishblues said...

*embarrassedly mutters something about not knowing how to get pictures from scanner to internet*

Anonymous said...

Take photos of your sketches and then transfer the photos onto your blog - that should make things easier.


nailpolishblues said...

That seems logical. Except for the lack of camera. And not knowing how to get pictures from my phone to my computer. Or anything after that :(


TimT said...

SS is either -

Stephen Seagal
Stephen Spielberg
A Nazi.

Speaking of Nazis, the form I had to fill out for customs on entering into the US asked me if I have ever been involved in the Nazi Party. Suuuuuuuuure I have.

nailpolishblues said...

Other things SS is not - someone who knows me IRL or IBL; else SS would know that I am defiant in my utter uselessness! [Not so much defiant as one who embarrassedly admits, but anyway...]

I am slightly confused by the US Nazi question, young Tim. Was the correct answer yes? or no? Do they want you to be a Nazi or not?
I'm sure you have too - some of the things you've written have probably put you on some kind of Nazi hitlist, somewhere.