Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gourmet Scum

Few things have entertained me as much, recently, as the attempted seduction of Wheels by a travelling salesman in a dodgy old stationwagon on a dirt road. Right now I’m not sure which I love more - Degrassi or ABC2 for showing the repeats.

Oh and about posting better stuff…the urge has passed. Get over it.

Fuck I love Degrassi.


Chesty LaRue said...

Real Degrassi? Like Joey Jeremiah when he had hair Degrassi? Degrassi not featuring any form of 'new' generation?

Oh. I gotta go get me some ABC2 I think.

nailpolishblues said...

Mullets like you wouldn't believe. Joey Jeremiah when it wasn't weird that he should be so short. Spike with the hair. THE HAIR! In short, the real Degrassi.

themarina said...

Degrassi is fantabulous. And go figure, Canadian to boot! I remember watching the original in highschool for sex ed class. Wow. That makes me sound old.

Boo said...

I don't get ABC 2!! Could you please please please remind us what the Gourmet Scum is?? I know it....but I don't know!!!

Could it be the band that they all went to see in the first series where Shane took acid and fell off a building and became brain-damaged? Am I right huh??

nailpolishblues said...

Marina, Canada ROCKS in the cultural stakes. I am a bit envious that you got it in school for sex ed. I'm assuming that in real life you weren't as innocent as those kids [gee, Wheels, how long's it gonna take you to work out that the pervy salesman wants a piece of you, huh?]. Age wise, I think you're in good company here.

Boo, got it in one - part 2 of that episode is, presumably, on tonight. Awesome. This is like the best reason ever for a set top box.

Michelle said...

I remember that episode!

It was the episode that let me know, in my sheltered childhood, that men may

1. Like other men
2. May also like much YOUNGER other men.

I don't think either of the two had occured to me before that, so it's really stuck in my mind.

Actually, it seems whenever I catch Degrassi on TV, it's always one of two episodes. Either the one you were talking about, or the one where Spike finds out she's preggers.

phishez_rule said...

I remember liking Degrassi. Unfortuantely I don't remember anything about Degrassi.

But I know I used to like it!

Mark said...

Dang, I need me a digital tuner. Degrassi is pretty great. However, I think I would have disliked it if I were watching when it was first aired. I mean, consider today's equivalents: Blue Water High, Radio Free Roscoe and Girls in Love. They all suck copious amounts of cock and everyone knows it.