Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Commentary from the last five minutes.

On opening my email and seeing something from Black Inc. (keeping in mind that I just received my Quarterly Essay), ‘oooh I’m about to get my Monthly again…ew.’

On applying for a job whose criteria I fit ridiculously well (we’re going train of thought with this one): ugh, application letters, I hate writing application letters…I’ll just delete this bit and this bit…no, oh no, I can’t just leave it like that, it would be wrong…still…I’m so going to, aren’t I? do I really want this job, sounds crap..$20,000 more, hmmm, think of your credit card, think of the rent increases, think of the credit card…what else can I write when I already sound pretty tops… maybe some more jargon to make me sound cleverer…oh no, that’s too much, I’m making myself gag – delete delete delete…crap crap crap…and this is why I’ve sat on my fat arse in the same job for the last three years…yawn, rubbish…wonder if they’ll buy this shit…I sound like a total wanker...oh well…money.

Also, short, crap, shallow post following long, crap, shallow post. Two from two, eh?


TimT said...

Hey, you subscribe to those magazines? I buy the Monthly occasionally, it's sort of interesting. Watch out for this month, they've got a profile of Wendi Deng Murdoch that reportedly pissed Rupert off so much he may have tried to stop it from getting published!

I'm a total snob, I usually subscribe to magazines if they're overseas!

nailpolishblues said...

Well, technically I only subcribe to Quarterly Essay - a friend bought the subscription for The Monthly for my birthday. Kinda rocks.

Any other questions...?

rachy said...

I've got a subscription for both which my parents renew every year for my birthday. I haven't read the latest one yet Tim, but I'm certainly going to pull it out now! Anyway, a $20,000 pay rise with a new job, go for it and good luck... and save up to come visit Melbourne!

nailpolishblues said...

Nice to see you getting out and about, Rach.
I'll need the $20000 just to cover the rent! Gah! Fucking Sydney.