Friday, June 08, 2007

And wash away the rain

All day I wanted to be in my house. Now that I’m in my house I want to be anywhere else. I want to be out of my head. I’m not enjoying being in my head just at the moment. It’s a rough place to be.
Actually, anywhere near by is probably pretty shitty too. Sorry. I never could deal with things without venting on and to anyone within, oh, a 5km radius. Possibly more.

On a lighter note, this is so insanely stupid that, really, I’m laughing at myself when I’m not screaming with angst.


nailpolishblues said...

Other possible titles for this post:

You do it to yourself you do

Help! I woke up and I was 15 again!

Teh internets is bad.

Really, more retarded than ever!

I feel so ashamed.

A new low in lame.

I can't believe it's a post!

And the simple and simply heartbreaking:

Ways in which I am a total prat.

Mark said...

I am imagining a 'nuclear meltdown' style 5km radius around Enmore with a yellow border of partial destruction. Call in the HAZMAT teams! This neurosis is off the charts!

nailpolishblues said...

Oh, it is. It is.

I'm torn between wanting to tell everyone how stupid I am [and exactly what makes me stupid] and desiring that no-one ever knows the details.

ilse said...

Aha, gulp. Sounds like a biggie.

I prefer the spill your guts approach from the start, so you don't need to keep tabs on who knows what and so you don't need to sweat about how to keep people fooled.

Heh, but that's just me.

nailpolishblues said...

Ilse, not so much big as stupid and I think I'm the only one that realy knows though, quite frankly, others may have suspected. I am relying on good manners and discretion [other people's obviously] to not feel like a complete idiot.

P.S. Mark, if you make any comment about the above I will brave the evil train system and worse weather and come round and hit you. Hard. So that you cry like a little girl.

ilse said...

Ah yeah, the old, If I just get up quickly no one will notice I've tripped over thing eh?

Good luck with that!

Me? I say, the fewer days I wake up with that cold, sick feeling of, 'oh no, what have I done this time', the better.

nailpolishblues said...

Ilse, fortunately it's not something bad that I've done whilst off my tits. Normally that would be a relief but this fits into my rather large basket of all time greatest [or the opposite, work kills, I can't think] stupid things that I have done - TO MYSELF [well, ultimately anyway]. In short, I think my brain hates me.