Saturday, June 09, 2007

Just because my blog isn't lame enough yet...

A little shout out to the peoples of my home ground/s, by which I mean the areas between my traditional home of Sydney, through those where I spent seemingly enormous chunks of my early childhood (go the Central Coast!), and further up the coast to my birthplace in the Hunter Valley. I do hope you all make it through the night without drowning or freezing to death.

For those of you who have power and are finding it hard to sleep because it's so damn noisy outside I have a special treat. Actually, the ABC has a special treat but it's obvious that they planned this just for me because, as we all know, all the world is for me and it revolves around me, I am, in short, the centre of this pissy universe. Ahem. Anyway, tune into the ABC tonight and you too will be exposed to the supremely wonderful being who goes by the name of Jarvis Cocker as he guest programmes RAGE. Really, I'm being very restrained. Hours and hours and hours and hours of Jarv, people. What more could one want, really? Quite frankly, I've never seen my tax dollars better spent.

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nailpolishblues said...

This community service message was brought to you by Nailpolishblues - supporter of eclectic musical tastes and (somewhat) unattractive virgoan men everywhere!