Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I need new music. Suggestions would be lovely.

At the moment I'm all steamy for L7 - which is weird because I never was before - and sweet as that is I desire something new not new-old. Yeah?


Martin Kingsley said...

Well, let's see, you could try some Interpol. Turn On the Bright Lights, and Antics are both great albums, though I have a personal preference for the latter. Or, say, The Postal Service. Give Up, their full-length album, is wonderful.

The Unicorns had an amazing debut album, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? Like a cross between folk, electro-pop and alt-rock.

Sunset Rubdown have a strange eclectic Arcade Fire-style album, Shut Up I Am Dreaming, that has its high points.

If you were into them once upon a time in the west, the new Smashing Pumpkins, Zeitgeist, is good, if a little same-y.

There's also the ever-amazing Fashion Nugget, from Sacramento rockers, Cake.

If it turns out you loath my suggestions, do you promise not to hunt me down and kill me with a rake? :-P

Martin Kingsley said...

Good points, rather. Dur-hur.

colonel eggroll said...

I'm with martin, try some interpol. And I have to recommend one of my personal faves The Black Keys. If you're into garage sounding blues rock they're pretty sweet.

Dale Slamma said...

I say try some super Sydney bands (that may or may not be friends of mine)
The Holy Soul
Belles Will Ring
Loene Carmen

and Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan will make your life beautiful. The Illinois album is my favourite one. Hooray!

alexis said...

Simon Frazier University Pipe Band has a new CD out. (Yuh-huh.)

TimT said...

Apparently Radiohead have a new CD coming out, if you want something that will cheer you down.

nailpolishblues said...

Tim, everything after Pablo Honey sucked.

Alexis, is their new stuff better than their old stuff? Cause, you know, that was some bad shit.

Dale, I Illinois every other day. I shall investigate your friends/not-friends.

Martin, it's nice to see that the universal truth of young men and music remains true. So much choice!

Thank you all.

Eek, I missed the Colonel! If two of you recommend I shall have to try.

Mark said...

Ugh. I'm starting to realise how picky I am with music. Apart from Postal Service, I'm not seconding any of those suggestions. Interpol sound like homeless people being hit by garbage trucks.

Thurston Moore seems to have a solo album out though. And have you had a listen to this year's Wilco album? I haven't heard either of them, but they sound like your sort of thing.

Steph said...

I'm constantly told I have shitful taste in music so I shan't taint you.
Good luck with your search though.

nailpolishblues said...

I suspect that you are indeed a music snob, Mark, but we'll forgive you. My taste in music is all over the place - merey suggest that which you have found awesome lately.

Steph, apparently I do too.