Monday, October 08, 2007

Stages of a drunk.

So retarded I'm barely tolerated? Why tolerate at all?

*goes off and cries in the ladies of my mind*

And, in a hugely amusing co-incidence, my favourite she-male [crude but the la(d)ss is rather defying explanation] shows up at my local wearing a red cape and, apparently, off to see
Motörhead with some mates. The cape was a decidedly amusing article of clothing last seen either on a catwalk somewhere or being sported by Audrey Hepburn. Just the thing, when you think about it, for wearing to Motörhead.

Speaking of ladies, she did, well, use the ladies anyway. This lead to a discussion on the fairness of people with penises using the ladies when there are only three toilets and quite long queues. Seriously, no fair. There needs to be another option. I am unnaturally fascinated by this chick and have now encouraged a friend in my fascination. Mostly, though, I just want to take her shopping and maybe buy her some clothes that look more natural and a decent wig. Oh, and throw her beret under a truck.

* The cat is there merely for cuteness and because it looks rather a lot like my cat. However, if I did that to my cat she'd have shredded my arms and then chewed off my toes while I was screaming in pain. We like to call her 'highly strung'.

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