Sunday, October 07, 2007

Things I miss:

Letters – both writing and receiving them. Reading the scrawl of another and forcing my hieroglyphics on them in turn.


Reading in the bath. And today, for some reason, I particularly miss reading Agatha Christies (whilst I’m in the bath, of course).

My cat.

Spending ordinary time with my family.

My childhood bedrooms – all of them.

Flinders Street East – but only occasionally.

Green tree frogs who sit on the back steps and who hide in squishable places like the hinges of doors.

Sleeping in air-conditioning on hot summer nights, hot spring nights, hot autumn nights.

Playing cards with my parents and drinking while listening to the oldies music station.

Possums and bandicoots in the back yard.

Some of my former housemates. I miss Mathew, of course, and, strangely, Rebekah. It says awful things of me that I am not in contact with any of the people I used to live with.

Sitting in the small patch of sunlight near the backdoor of the Forest Lodge house drinking tea and eating an apple for breakfast at 11a.m.

The sense of purpose I once had as I plotted my escape.

Painting those giant school canvases.

The art rooms at school whenever I hear Nirvana or Hole or Cyprus Hill.

The coolness of my parents’ bathroom in summer. I used to spend a lot of time in there with the bath. I loved that bath.


Mark said...

I like Agatha Christie, but her books are a bit slow, you know?

Stuff I have been grooving on: Cocorosie (you might like them actually), You Say Party! We Say Die!, Neko Case, Cat Power. Tonight I am downloading random mp3s from - the tunes by Bunky, The Bloody Holidays and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are all pretty good.

Hey, you just commented me :)

nailpolishblues said...

I'm not actually that big a fan of Agatha Christie. They were always desperation books - something to read when I'd read everything else.

Would it be wrong of me to befriend you properly simply to steal music from you?

Anonymous said...

I'll write you. Shit, I write too much to nobody, I may as well offload and keep in touch the most reliable way I know how. I remember what your unit looked like, but I don't remember the address. :(

Lemme know on the book that has a face. Rin

nailpolishblues said...

That is sweet of you.