Monday, November 12, 2007

Desperately seeking reassuring cuddles.

Everything seems a bit silly today and I am feeling really quite neurotic (even if Mark insists that I am not). Probably this is from more alcohol than my system can handle and more sun than I am presently used to.

Also, I fear work tomorrow. I’m sure I didn’t do too much that was wrong. Or say too much. Who, though, knows until I get there and get teased? I definitely didn’t snog any of the bosses (EW!) nor did I snog anyone else. Okay, sure, I did have a very drunk Indian boy on my lap for half the night and I may or may not have groped him a little but… Oh dear, there’s no good way to end that sentence.

Oh hell, I shall be a man about it and cop it on the chin. There is, after all, only one week until I am on holidays. I’m sure I can manage that.


james said...

A drunk Indian boy on your lap? What are you complaining about...?

nailpolishblues said...


Other than that it was fine.