Sunday, November 04, 2007

Recommendation of the week.

If you’ve got nothing much to do and some spare cash I suggest that you go and see Across the Universe. This is, however, a conditional recommendation. The condition is that you consume a vast amount of your drug/s of choice/have a fever before attempting to watch this movie. I had only had one schooner and was still overcome with wild giggling attacks. I still hurt from giggling.

To be fair, and fairly critical, it’s jumpy, patchy, the plot is unbelievably basic, it rips off everything and everyone (did someone say ‘just like the Beatles’?), you get totally lost in the opening sequence, it’s filled with painfully obvious gags, it’s a musical – this means that people randomly, and not so randomly, break into song, it’s totally lame, but it’s also funny as fuck – in places, and filled with pretty people, and quite an enjoyable, if overlong, druggie romp.

I’d suggest doing a Mama Cass with the alleged jug of lsd – if you’re so inclined, otherwise, a hip flask full of absinthe should probably do the trick.

You will need to have some enjoyment of the music of The Beatles and some knowledge of the sixties and the other musics of the time would be wildly beneficial - mostly, though, The Beatles and drugs.


Dan said...

This movie looks amazing. I'm ashamed that I haven't seen it yet. But, as per usual, I will disagree with the drug thing. I think people should see it after having copious amounts of naughty sex and a jug of vodka.

nailpolishblues said...

That might also do the trick.

You really do need to be a little bit wasted one way or another though - just to get the full impact.