Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thanking you.

Do you think that I'm so stupid that if you say 'thank you' I won't realise that you are thanking me?

Say it properly, fucktard.


Dan said...

I see what you did there

alexis said...

Reluctant to comment, 'cause there's obviously something serious going down here, of which I know nuffing, but, hey, here's an insensitive and irrelevant question: is there more than just a coincidental relationship between the words "fucktard" and "leotard"? (E.g., do fucktards wear leotards?)

TimT said...

Who came first, Leo or Fuck? Fuck knows, I certainly don't.

Unfortunately, the Tard brothers, (Leo and Fuck), are unavailable for comment. However, the You brothers (Thanking, Wanking and Spanking) are all too ready to make their comments known.

Er, thank you very much.

nailpolishblues said...

What did I do, Danny boy?

Alexis - only in the sense that both are a bit retarded. And,yes, I think fucktards regularly wear leotards and that many leotard wearers are fucktarded.

Tim, er...um...d'you know what? I think I'll let that well alone. Yeah.

Dan said...

I was hoping you would elaborate if I said I knew something. I know nothing! Get to the choppaz!