Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh fuck off you blessing counting religo-hippies, you are neither wanted nor needed here.

I am so depressed and disheartened by the crap that is my job at the moment that I don’t know how I’ll cope tomorrow or, indeed, for the next week or two or three or however long it takes for me to take the bitch’s advice and ‘just leave’. Who can do that really? Just quit a job they’ve had enough of, where they’ve been pushed around too much, where they’ve been bullied over and over and have known what was being done as it was acted? Who has the resources to ‘just leave’? What new bullshit management strategy makes this their new favourite phrase? Do these people live in the same world that I live in? Do they exist outside of work at all? I sometimes think they mustn’t they certainly don’t think their staff exist outside of the workplace. We are genies who come into being when called and vanish back into the ether when we’re not needed. Only, we’re not. I’m not. Much to my disdain I am a real girl, woman actually, and have a life outside of work. Supposedly, I work merely to finance this living thing that I do. Their reality is that I live to work for them – however, whenever. Only, you know, I don’t and I’m sick of it and I’m sick of the idea that I have to defend the fact that I do not consider my job my life. It cannot be my whole life. I am too young to live such a depressing life. Fuck them.


Mitzi G Burger said...

Do not fuck them, Nails, they don't deserve it!
I am happy to dispense well-meaning job satisfaction advice when required. Having undertook many parallel job hunts in the past, just remember there is always a sublty and sly way to wriggle out of where you don't want to be. Be careful though - despite the income, a bad workplace can be severely detrimental to mental health (speaking from personal experience.)

Dan said...

Have some pie or cake. It'll make the rest of the day better.

nailpolishblues said...

Mitzi, oh I know that well. Crying when I don't normally and the not sleeping - nothing puts me off my sleep!

Thank you, Dan, I shall chocolate.