Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Well it’s something, innit?

I’ve been thinking about me. Ooooh, woo-ooo, big surprise. I might even post some of my truly scintillating thoughts one day, if I can be bothered. This post isn’t really about that though. Well, sort of but not quite.

A comment by Boo has played on something that was playing on my mind anyway. All that image (yawn) stuff and, something little about drawing. It’s been ages since I really drew anything – all the usual excuses, time, energy, whoops-I’ve-become-totally-crap – and blah blah. Anyway, one of the last things I remember drawing was, well, myself. (Prepare yourselves for horror.) I happened to be living in a little old terrace somewhere and had, through a combination of manipulation, ill temper, and a revoltingly nice nature (hint – the first two were me, the third one not me) I manipulated myself into the master bedroom. That sounds far kinkier than it was. I merely mean that in my rental situation I conned the best room. The best room which had, all along one side, a floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobe. One night I was very bored, and very hot, and largely unclothed so I practiced a bit of the old life drawing on myself. From memory, and it’s been a while since I looked, those pictures turned out okay. That’s pretty much it really. I miss drawing. I’d like to do some more life drawing. I really must practice or I’ll embarrass myself with my lack of skill.

So, who wants to pose for me? j/k


Dan said...

I will not pose for you, but I support your decision to put pen/pencil to paper again. I grew up wanting to be and artist. Then, I popped off to the military and didn't bother for a long time. I got out, and tried to draw again, only to fail like nobody has failed before. It makes me so very sad.

JahTeh said...

You want to life draw me? Have you got two weeks to spare?

nailpolishblues said...

Only part time.

Or, possibly, I could do you as a landscape :p