Thursday, May 08, 2008


Someone felt the need to tell me the meaning of 'previously' today. Not because I was struggling but because she was an arsehole. I informed her that I did, in fact, know what 'previously' meant. I was almost polite about it too.

In other news, well, not really news, I have a query about youngish man behaviour. I was sitting, with some others today, chatting away as one does and the young man across from me, who is a fairly recent acquaintance, kept a) looking at me, and b) lightly kicking the sole of my foot [he was directly across from me]. I was quite disturbed by the looking as he variously watched me eat, smoke, drink, apply lipgloss, chew gum, and talk. I do not like people watching me eat - it freaks me out. I don't quite know why this has bothered me so much but it was a very weird half hour for me.
He has never previously shown much interest in me. Despite the foot-kicking he didn't seem to have anything to say to me - it was entirely to get my attention as far as I could work out. The long looks didn't go anywhere or do anything and there were between two and six people with us at all times. Some of whom noticed. Ugh. Seriously, what's the point of this when there's an office email system? And why not SAY something? All the bullshit looking did was make me nervous and exceptionally conscious of my mouth. What, in short, was the point of this?


Martin Kingsley said...

It's because most of us youngish men are dopey broken children without much of an idea about anything. If I were you I would shirtfront him and beat him with something until he gives up the ghost.

nailpolishblues said...

I'm almost certain that that would earn me the sack. Tempting.

Ms Q said...

I like watching people eat. I often wonder if I look like I'm eating weird. Maybe that's because I am weird. Maybe he likes you and is in that nice state of shyness that that's all he can manage for now.

New recruit in your department or downstairs?

nailpolishblues said...

Neither. New pathologist.

I don't think he's shy at all.

JahTeh said...

He got your attention if that was his intention or he has ADHD in which case you should go with Martin's advice.

I hate people watching me eat. I always feel as though they're counting the calories of whatever I'm shovelling in.

nailpolishblues said...

Very negative attention then. I was annoyed at the time and not much less annoyed now. I couldn;t even look at him the next day. Ugh, super awkward.

Precisely, JahTeh. One of the most evil things you can do a, um, somewhat rounded woman.

Caz said...

The foot kicking thing: maybe he thought he was banging into the leg of the table, not someone's foot.

The staring thing: he's a rude arsehole jerk.

Why should you be embarrassed and not be able to look at him?

He was the one being a total fucktard.

nailpolishblues said...

Caz, there wasn't a table. There was no mistaking the fact that he was deliberately kicking the sole of my foot - right up until I moved my feet.

Why should I be embarrassed and not be able to look at him? Just the way I am. Be nice if I were more brazen but generally I'm a shy and easily embarrassed poppet and if you embarrass me I can't look at you. Yes, I know I'm too old to be this silly.

Caz said...

Wow, no table.

How old is this guy, 12?

Guess pathologists are graduating at a young age these days.

Soooo, you made no mention whether this is a guy you would / could / might otherwise have been attracted to in any manner or dimension. Hmm?

nailpolishblues said...

You don't really need to be that old, Caz. We have a few and have had others straight from uni (registrars, obvs). I'm not sure how old he is though, my age or possibly younger. Typical science nerd - too much time studying not great on the social skills. Actually, that was a bit harsh.

It's not a subject that I've chosen to think much about - the possibility of attraction. It wouldn't be terribly appropriate but that's not stopped anybody thus far. Otherwise, we get along and he ticks a few boxes but I can't say that I've felt any major attraction.

Caz said...

How delightfully ambiguous ... get along ... ticks a few boxes.

Indeed, perhaps the foot kicking was his tried and true seduction technique. Gawd.

Not appropriate? Possibly not. Yet many a respectable work place is sprinkled with affairs and broken hearts, and sometimes happy endings.

It's the way of our people.