Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pointless bitching, nothing to see here, move on, move on.g

I've reached that point, as everyone does on a weekend when they've got no plans, of just sitting around and occasionally scratching my arse. (Seriously, did something bite me? What, when, and how the fuck?) I've cleaned and washed and organised and made several trips to the bin all as one does when one's flat is quite overdue for cleaning. I've done washing and watched as it dried five minutes after being hung out. I woke quite early, despite my desire for a good sleep in, because the weather, while charming for drying, is unnaturally fucking hot. It was too hot to loll about in bed. I do hate that about summer. And this east facing building (dear building planner - you suck - yours sincerely, etc etc).
Oh yeah, did I just say summer?
Of course, as we all know, this whole global warming thing is a total farce etc etc. It's perfectly normal for a colder than average winter month - the last official winter month at that, yes I know calendars are bollocks, not the point though - to be followed by two or was it three days of springlike weather and then late December weather. Perfectly normal. Loving it. No really, LOVING it. Except for the too-hot-ness. And the almost total absence of spring - a season which I like and appreciate having spent 13 years in a two season climate (wet and dry not hot and cold). I also like autumn - both as word and as season. Wonder if there'll be an autumn next year.
Oh dear, did I just do a weather rant?
So, anyway, I'm bored now but it gets later so I guess I can at least look forward to eating and going to bed. It's so exciting I might burst something. I might even do something really thrilling tomorrow like updating my CV. Oooooooooooh.


Mark said...

Here's a tip: don't update your CV unless you have something good to add. It can be really depressing when you go over it and all you need to change is your phone number.

PS: Billie Piper doesn't have 'crap tits.' In fact, I don't think that phrase even makes sense.

nailpolishblues said...

They're awful, Mark. I suppose your argument is that all tits are good merely for being tits?

The CV updating is more about reformatting. I've gone right off the way it looks. Not that I did anything about it today anyway.

Miles McClagan said...

I'm Tasmanian - what's this "summer" thing?

Incidentally, to get back to Billie, I suggest perhaps not starting with meisterwork "Because We Want To", but the song "Honey to The B", which is allegedly about vibrators?

nailpolishblues said...

Heat from the sun, Miles. No coolness in the air. For months and months. Also, the days are longer which I'm sure you appreciate far more than we do.

Why is it that I think I'm going to pass on the Billie music?

Dale Slamma said...

I'm wondering what about Billie Piper's tits make them crap? Maybe I'll go and try and find a picture of them.

nailpolishblues said...

Dale, they're only crap when they're naked. Otherwise fine. They look strangely deflated and old when bare. My mother was just as disturbed as I am.