Monday, October 26, 2009


I have been - oh so briefly - away. I am back and really rather brown. It's like this, despite my southern pallor I am, in fact, an olive-skinned little brown baby. I'll never be one of your gorgeous white skinned lasses. I spent maybe six hours in a pool - over several days - slathered in SPF 30 and have returned to a more natural and less anaemic hue. Yes, I brag. I need something to cheer me up.

I still feel a little down. I always feel low after leaving my family. I can't bear the thought of moving back there but, ah, it hurts a wee bit to be away. And I miss the cat though she charmingly bit and scratched me as a memento before I left. And I have taken home rather a lot of grey fur - mostly as decoration for my clothes.

Despite my depths-of-despair-ness I think things may be picking up. Slowly, you know, just slowly. I'm trying not to be a bitch about the things I can't change. I'm trying to lose some of the hate and pick up a few threads. I'm trying to stop treading water. Or, at least, I think Iam.


Mitzi G Burger said...

Nails, that's great. One thread at a time. Always indulge in skin-savvy vanity, why not? I have also some reading suggestions ... for instance, memoirs/books about terribly f****d up types, which always helps me feel better about myself and coping mechanisms. Hell, they chose to expose their misery: the catharsis of some is the ego boost of others!

nailpolishblues said...

I think I have a few too many books going on at the moment. Monkey Grip seems to be filling the fucked up people hole nicely.

Some of the threads seem to be picking themselves up. Swings and roundabouts, isn't that the way?

nursemyra said...

I loved Monkey Grip, both the book and the movie with Noni Hazelhurst and Colin Friel

Then I turned the tv on last night and saw Noni pulling faces on some cop show, she was practically chewing her cud! And everyone was calling her Ma'am.....

Rin said...

Good news, Nails.

nailpolishblues said...

nursemyra, I'm not entirely sure if I liked it. I think I'll have to read it again some time.

Thanks, Rins.

w/v stfustat - awesomeness.